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Smooth & uniform driveway finishes

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Your driveway can be greatly improved with resin paving. Contact the local experts, Reilly Resin Surfaces. Our services can help your driveway have a smooth and uniform finish. 

We provide two types of resin paving, namely resin bonded stone and resin bound stone paving.

Resin-bonded stone paving

Resin Drive

Do you prefer a rustic gravel look for your driveway? Then, resin bonded stone paving could be an ideal choice. You’ll have a non-slip surface that looks like loose gravel but is actually bonded to the asphalt or concrete surface. Our experts prepare the surface and then apply a two-part polyurethane adhesive layer. This is fully broadcast with stone and is left alone for some time, before we remove the excess stone.

Resin-bound stone paving

Resin Drive

If you prefer to have a smooth and uniform look for your driveway, contact the experts at Reilly Resin Surfaces. We’ll provide resin bound paving services. This is a stone and UV stable polyurethane resin that is mixed in a forced action mixer and then placed and levelled on the driveway. A trowel is applied similar to screeding to complete the process. For more details, get in touch with our specialists today.

Case Study

House Drive in Taunton by Reilly Resin Surfaces

LeesonBound with a Winterflake aggregate was installed onto a drive in Taunton by Somerset based Reilly Resin Surfaces. The quality of the product and the excellent workmanship will ensure it is long-lasting requiring minimal maintenance, be resistant to frost damage and cracking, and will not fade in the sunlight.

Being permeable, the water will be able to drain through reducing the risk of flooding and allows the water to be evaporated back through which helps to cool the surrounding air on hot days. The light grey stone will also help with urban heating as it absorbs less heat than traditional asphalt.

Project Key Facts

Product: LeesonBound PU4844
Aggregate used: Winterflake
Area: 75m2”

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