Children's Play Areas

If you're looking to build a play area for children, contact Reilly Resin Surfaces.

Rubber Playground Surfaces Installed Across the UK

Rubber is the premier choice for flooring indoor and outdoor play areas for a host of good reasons:

  • Rubber surfaces are safe – a major criteria when choosing playground surfacing. Being shock absorbing rubber provides fall protection and is non-slip.
  • Rubber floors are low maintenance – cleaning is easy. Just sweep or blow off debris, and give it the occasional rinse.
    Rubber is hygienic – it doesn’t harbour bacteria or attract insects.
  • Rubber is eco-friendly, being recyclable with a low impact on the environment.
  • A rubber floor has visual appeal and can be coloured invitingly in enticing designs attractive to children.
  • When correctly installed a rubber floor is very durable, resilient and long-lasting, making it a cost-effective choice for playgrounds.

At Reilly Resin Surfaces we have many years’ experience of creating bespoke, safe, attractive children’s play areas across the UK using rubber flooring.

Resin Children's Playground

Creating a Vibrant Play Environment

As leading installers of resin bound surfaces, paving and brickwork based in Somerset, we are uniquely placed to offer a combination of playground surfacing options for new and existing play areas in public parks, housing developments, schools, nurseries, sports clubs, hotel grounds, pub gardens and numerous other child-friendly venues.

We can offer a combination of neat, seamless aggregate resin-bound pathways for playground access, along with rubber flooring in the form of rubber tiles, rubber matting, rubber mulch or sheet rubber underneath play equipment.

We can fulfil all your playground surfacing requirements to provide a vibrant, well-drained environment for soft play areas, using colours and patterns, graphics and markings to facilitate safe play.

We use only the best quality rubber products that can usually be installed onto existing solid and granular surfaces of a thickness appropriate for the critical fall height of the equipment, to suit both low level and high level play apparatus.

Professionally Project-Managed Play Area Surfacing

We’re an independent company with more than 30 years’ experience in providing solid, durable and long-lasting surfaces for all sorts of applications across all sectors, commercial, residential and industrial.

We’re extremely proud of our portfolio of completed projects and surfacing contracts, and the ever-growing list of positive testimonials we receive online – and in person – from satisfied clients all over the country.

We regard contracts to install surfaces in children’s playgrounds as one of our most important responsibilities, because we believe that well-constructed play areas allow children to challenge themselves in safety, improving their confidence and gross motor skills, as well as learning social skills.

We’re also experts in laying resin bound or bonded paths & patios, driveways, installing industrial flooring, and undertaking contract resin surfacing work, each job professionally project-managed and completed to a high standard.

children's playground

We Provide

  • Playground surfacing
  • Playground markings
  • Playground safety flooring
  • Playground rubber flooring
  • Playground rubber mulch
  • Playground rubber mats

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Reilly Resin Surfaces builds children’s play areas for properties throughout the UK, based in Somerset. Call us on 07551 477 564.